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What is culture? Culture is our identity. Culture makes us different. Learning about other people’s cultures is great but what good is it if you shun your own?

This is the modern age where technology runs almost everything. Technology is a good thing because it makes life easier but it then again causes a problem. What we watch on TV and read about in social media and print media undermines our thinking. We see these ideal lifestyles and tend to think that the way we live our lives is wrong and we are forced to conform to these changes out of fear that we won’t be accepted for being different. Since when did being different become a bad thing? If we all thought the same what impact would we have? What changes would we make? Why live on someone else’s idea?

We may not notice it but what children see on TV changes how they think, see, behave and act. Do we want to raise kids in a way that they won’t be able to be themselves and carve out their own personalities just because being themselves isn’t “cool”?

The way I see it. Most of us are slaves of our own making. Boxed into our own minds and are too afraid to come up with our own ideas because we’ll be seen as different from what we see on TV and what is considered OK.

I hope we all realize that it’s OK to be different. I don’t think anyone changed the world by being like everyone else.

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