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I was reading Americanah and at some point the main character suffered from depression. So she wouldn’t admit to it and said it’s something that white people get. I guess it’s a “black thing”, not admitting that we’re actually going through something because admitting is a “sign of weakness”. I guess her feelings didn’t change until her nephew tried to kill himself.

Mental health isn’t taken seriously in Africa and that’s sad. Most people would rather suffer in silence than admit that they are hurting. Some people would rather drink away their problems than seek professional help. I know someone that’s probably suffering from schizophrenia from what I’ve gathered and she isolates herself. Her family tends to avoid her and they’ve suggested prayers but what she needs is to visit a psychiatrist. What happens when her condition worsens? Will be she stay that way forever in her isolation?

I’ve never suffered from depression but the one time I got really sad was when my dad died. I don’t like talking about my feelings and when I heard he had died I didn’t cry. I think my mum was depressed, she changed. It’s been close to two years and she’s only going back to normal. They were together for more than 30 years and that’s a lifetime.

I have a friend that feels like nothing is going his way and I have tried to help but I’m not a professional. So I asked him to talk him to talk to his school counselor and he said he can’t because the counselor is a man and that it would hurt his pride. So would you rather keep your pride and suffer emotionally?

A lot of people commit suicide and people call them selfish but do they ever stop to think about what could have led them to do that? They probably asked for help and no one could help or they simply had no one to talk to and death was their only escape. If you feel like you have no one left then what should you live for? I’m not in support of suicide though, I really hope everyone gets help.

Things Fall Apart is my favorite African Book and the main character Okonkwo committed suicide because his world and everything he believed in came crashing down. He was one of the greatest warriors but didn’t get a proper burial because his suicide was an embarrassment to the Earth god. And just like that, all the things he had done in his lifetime were forgotten. Would anyone give stopped to think about what bothered him?

If anyone comes to you for help please listen because the last thing anyone wants to feel is alone.

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