I miss my dad. Especially today because I’ve been listening to Oliver Mtukudzi whenever I’m walking somewhere and I walk. A lot. But anyway I can’t remember the first time I ever listen to Oliver but I must have been in my mother's belly because my dad played his music all the time. I can’t speak or understand a word of Shona but music is a universal language as we all know. And a couple of his songs sound like a spiritual awakening. I mean the strums of his guitar and I can almost make out a xylophone in the back. There’s something about African music that makes me feel alive and no not your modern afrobeat but the likes of Salif Keita or Ismael Lo. I feel closer to the earth and the beating heart of Africa if that makes any sense. I owe my love for music to my dad and if it were not for him I wouldn’t have been exposed to great music. So this radio station my dad would always listen to would play 90’s R&B on a certain day of the week and the Dj wouldn’t mention the title of the song or the artist and my dad would ask me to guess who did the song and I got the artist right all the time, I miss that and I hope I’ll be able to do that with my kids in the future. Listening to the music he loved makes me feel closer to him and I still have his old cassette tapes and I was sorting them out recently. I’ll find time to listen to them the next time I go home.

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