So today is my birthday, nothing special I’ve never been big on birthdays. Maybe I was younger because of the cake but oh well. I’m on a bus to Chipata. Going to visit my sister, I miss her and my nephews haven’t seen them in months ok I’m being dramatic it’s only been two months.

So we lived in Chipata for 9 months in 2006 because my dad was sent to work there. It was great but that’s not the point of this blog. The point is the last time I went to Chipata was with my dad. It was great and he, of course, pointed out these hills that are allegedly cursed because whoever goes there never comes back, that excited me so much because well if you know me you understand my love for the paranormal and anything out of the ordinary. I can’t remember where the hills are though but they looked like regular old hills.

So I’m using a bus so it’s not like I can stop at the hot springs my dad stopped at and I remember dipping my foot in them and my dad pointing further down and telling us the water is so hot there that you’d get burned and all I thought about was boiling maize or eggs. The hills are so beautiful and I heard that they had to blow them up to build a road. I’d love to go hiking in or on them but snakes and stuff.

Anyway, I’m writing this because it’s my birthday and I miss my dad. Going back to Chipata reminds me of him because he loved the place so much. And also he got me a cake while we were in Lusaka and hid it and only showed me when we had reached Chipata. It was chocolate and I was so happy because he almost always forgot my birthday. I might have forgotten my birthday because we were too busy traveling but then he remembered and got me a cake during or shortstop in Lusaka. I’m forever grateful for that. And also Mumbi puked because she ate too many bananas and she gets car sick. She’ll hate me if she sees this but thanks to my sisters for sponsoring my trip 😌

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