I think this generation holds back when it comes to love. Maybe this is all silly because I’m a hopeless romantic but think of it in this way. This is like a tech generation and it’s different from what most of our parents went through. My mum and dad dated in the ’70s and she said they sent each other letters and I think that’s so romantic ok I get it they didn’t have a choice but I’m turning 23 this year and I’ve never received a love letter 💌. So apart they’d have to set a phone call date and she would have to stand at a payphone on the day they agreed to talk and all so there’s that. They lived in different provinces and made it work but these days people are scared of long-distance relationships even before trying because they think it’s hard I mean relationships aren’t easy so why give up before you even try?

So back to technology and all of that. Communication has gotten way easier than it was during the times my parents dated and that should make things better shouldn’t it? But no that isn’t the case. I had so many ideas for this but here I am sitting like the potato I am trying to remember the ideas I had.

So people tend to hold back when it comes to any kind of relationship because they don’t want to seem too eager or they want the other person to put in more effort. I think that sucks honestly because I don’t believe in hiding my feelings. I was that way before but it didn’t really take me anywhere so it helps that I express myself more.

Where am I going with this? I will double text you if I have to and call you often if I enjoy the conversations we have. But then maybe because I’m female I shouldn’t come off as too eager? To hell with all of that. I started a relationship with asking a guy for his number and I wasn’t ashamed. So the first day we met we had a great conversation and I ran into him again and I decided to ask him for his number and yeah. If I held back I don’t think things would have gone in that direction.

There’s no harm in texting first or double texting. There’s nothing wrong with calling someone because you miss them or asking to hang out. And if those feelings are unrequited then you can always move on. Better to have tried and failed rather than not tried at all.

Mshasho this ones for you. Thanks for the extra push you gave me today.

Chewe Ng’ona especially you. ♥️ Because you never tire of asking about my next blog

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